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Date: 2001-04-17 22:32:00 UTC
Subject: Solitas' Successful Adrenal Surgery!

Nice to hear a positive?? Well,my 5 yr old ferret,Solita had cyro
surgery today and is doing "Fantastic!!" We are SOOOO pleased!!! Just
the left was involved but he froze around the right one,as well. Doesn't
that mean she will need hormone testing and possible treatment?? We have
some amazing pics! Want them??
On the "other hand" tho......
Dr Williams,Bruisers face has doubled in size,overnight !! We see the
Vet at 2pm today (Wednesday)......What's up,here??? Any idea??? Gawd,I
come home so happy and take "one look" at him!! Bummer! He is still
eating AND drinking with GREAT vigor!! We are SO confused!! HELP!!!!!!
Lotsa Love,