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From: James Higgins
Date: 2001-04-17 23:32:00 UTC
Subject: New pics of RC tumor

Here is a new picture of RC's tumor after two weeks of
Baytril and daily draining and cleaning. While it is much
better and somewhat smaller it is still rather smelly. We are
still awaiting biopsy results as the lab here is really slow.
It also apears that RC may have advanced adrenal disease as he
is loosing hair on top of his head, between his shoulder
blades and on his tail. This is RC's tumor on his bellie.
This is RC you can tell that he has not let it get him down
and that he is still fighting. JD and the Ferret Patrol

Attachment 28k (image/jpeg) latest tumor.JPG

Attachment 24k (image/jpeg) RC.jpg