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From: Karen Kerns
Date: 2001-04-18 07:45:00 UTC
Subject: Vet visit this morning for Isis..

I just got back from taking Isis to the vet. They have a new
vet at the clinic who knows a lot about ferrets who examined
my sweetie.. The swelling in her rectum and vulva has gone
down but her tummy was red and irritated, and looked like she
had been licking at it, as were the pads on her feet. ( Her
little paws were hot to the touch, like a sunburn.) They vet
said she couldn't feel any swelling in her abdomin and that
she saw no other symptoms that screamed of adrenal.. Isis also
had a wet, kind of runny nose, so the vet suspects that she
has a contact allergy, maybe to the new bed we got her or
something she got into on the floor... I am going to spend
tonight after work washing all the bedding in clean water and
cleaning the ferret room looking for anything she might be
allergic to, and we are going back to the vet Monday morning
before I have to go out of town ( luckily, Isis will be in
good hands with my roommate who thinks the world of her) to
have her checked again.. If she iss till showing problems,
then they are going to do an estrigen toxisty test and refer
me to a vet that can do the tenn. panel test.