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Date: 2001-04-18 08:55:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ferret health insurance

Could you tell me what insurance company this is. I have a fuzzy of
my own and I would like to check this out.

Thank you,


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> Hi All,
> I just got a phone call from the pet insurance company who is
starting to enroll ferrets as part of their health coverage. they
definitely don't know much about ferrets at all, so this may be very
short lived coverage once they find out the full health needs of our
fuzzy friends.
> sable and albino were not listed as colors on their color chart for
ferrets, so my babies are now brown and white. their monthly insuance
premium is 13.25 per month each, and they're not sure if they will
cover my albino who has had adrenal surgery. very strange, since
that's probably already eliminated as a possible expense to them.
they require full medical records for a one year period to review on
any ferret that has ever had a health problem of any kind. the policy
goes into effect 2 weeks from the date it's written.
> the insurance info is on the april 5, 2001 archive of FHL for anyone
needing the info. i don't have it written down, the insurance company
called me back from my initial call on april 5.
> hope this insurance remains in effect for awhile.