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From: Dawn M Pedchenko
Date: 2001-04-18 12:41:00 UTC
Subject: Question on Prolapsed Rectum

Hello everyone,

Have seen a few posts lately about prolapsed rectums. They were
related to young kits. My ferret with the problem (Nancy) is almost 5
years old.

Last week, I noticed that she had a prolapsed rectum with a little bit of
poop stuck to it. Into the sink she went so I could wash it off. Had to
run the water
over her little bottom so it would come "unglued" and wash away.
Needless to say
she was not pleased. Checked her again the next morning and everything
was back
were it belonged. Her poop looked normal not diareah. (She is a loner so
poop checks
are easy).

On Sat. she & Bandit (our new baby) went in for distemper shots. She's
up to 1lb 6 oz. Vet checked
her over and said that she looked good - we do have a case of ear mites
that I'm treating
though. Bottom looked ok too - he said just to keep an eye on it and I
could use bacitracin
on it to keep from getting infected. He did a fecal on her as well -
nothing found.

Took them back yesterday for their rabies shots. When I took Nanc from
her cage, noticed
that she again had a prolapse and a bit stuck to her bottom. Cleaned it
off again. This time
the vet was able to see it. He put some cream on it and told me to soak
it to help reduce the
swelling and to keep an eye on her. (also mentioned Tucks pads)
Noticed that her poops were a little watery - but still mostly formed.
Doesn't seem
to bother her though - eats, plays, poops.

This morning, noticed that it is not as swollen - but still prolapsed a
little. What can I do other
than warm soaks? Should I put anything in the warm water - like maybe
witch hazel?

I've checked the FHL & miamiferret and it said that preparation h was ok
to use.
Not sure how often to use? I also have a problem with creams being
placed on her little
bottom is that she scooches all around on the carpet after I apply it. I
know that isn't
good - abrasive, dirty, and wipes all the medicine away. How do I stop
that behavior? I know she's
trying to clean up, but its detrimental to her problem.

Do you think this is a problem that is going to be recurring? Nothing
has changed with her diet - still eating
that smelly MF food (can't get her off it), gerbers chix and drinking
well. I did change her to a little smaller
cage since she won't allow anyone else to live with her. She's been
doing better with the other ferrets.
Actually let Bandit shadow her yesterday with nary a squeak.

Thanks for your help.

Dawn & Prov10
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