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From: Divide Home Owners Association
Date: 2001-04-18 14:35:00 UTC
Subject: Mileek - Immune system attacking Platelets, please help.

I posted a problem with one of my ferrets Oliver a couple of weeks ago and
really appreciated all of the info I received. Unfortunately I have another
ferret, Mileek who I am really worried about. Mileek had adrenal surgery 2
years ago. Since then he has been healthy, good appetite and continued to be
sexually attracted to my females (drags them around by the neck) and
especially a stuffed ferret he attempted to have sex with everyday. The one
thing that never really came back was his hair. He basically lost all of it
but on his head and rear-end for the last 6 or 7 months. I took Mileek in
with Oliver on Monday 4/9/01 to give him a shot of Lupron. 2 days later he
was peeing blood. I raced him into my vet and she called later to say it
didn't look good, Mileeks immune system was attacking his platelets so his
blood was not clotting the right way. She did not want to put him on an IV
but she did give him a shot of prednisone and antibiotic. I explained that
I wanted him home with me and his brothers and sisters as I feel if the
hospital is not doing something that I cannot, TLC from Mom and the rest of
the kids is the best environment to be in. She said that was okay but did
not want him to play , eat hard food or do anything that would cause him to
bleed-out. Mileek has been on .9 mils of prednisone 2xday plus an antibiotic
(clavamox sp?) 2xday since 4/9. My vet stated that if he did respond to the
meds it would be at least 4 days before I would see the urine without the
blood. I called her the next day to ask if she had informed Mileek that he
was a" fragile egg shell " as he was tearing around the house, eating hard
food and seem to be in good spirits. 2 days later all of the blood in his
urine completely disappeared. Now my problem, today I began to ferret sit
Santana (which I have been taking care of for 3 years and gets along very
well with all of my kids). I put Santana in my room and immediately had a
problem outside of my house that needed my attention. Upon return into the
room 1/2 hour later, I saw Santana by Mileek and Mileek seem to be acting
weird. I immediately picked up
Mileek and took him to the living room. For a moment I thought his back end
was injured as he seem to be slightly dazed and fell over 1 time, possibly
favoring 1 side of his rear. I put treats out on the floor to see is he
would walk and he did normally but still seemed strange on one side. I
stayed with him for 1 1/2 hours and he seems to be resting comfortably. I
thought maybe he was bleeding-out and I was loosing him! What signs would I
see if he was having a problem? Should I be concerned? My vet is out of the
country for the next week and I am hesitant to take him to a vet without a
lot of knowledge. Please help,I love this guy so much and would appreciate
any info. Thank you, Deidre and Mileek!