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From: Ferretwise
Date: 2001-04-18 17:50:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Euthanasia

There ARE ways of allowing the ferret to pass without pain, that is
after all the definition in latin of euthanasia - "the good death".
In the states we haphazardly refer to the term euthanasia for
kill... it is not the same thing.

What I have learned in studies recently is that many schools do not
teach euthanasia as text for vets. They learn the simple heart
stick procedure which they are told (if done right) is quick and
painless. My understanding is while it is quick it is not painless
and many times due to the heart moving from the animal being on one
side or another the stick is not accomplished the first time . My
personal feeling on this is a heart stick should not ever be used on
a conscious animal. An anesthetic state should be obtained first
whether that be via iso or pre mix but the least painful in my
experience so far has been an IP stick where the animal can drift
off in the arms of it's owner.

I am a fervant advocate of witnessed euthanasia for all pet owners,
it is the kindest tribute to be their at the end for them.

Ferret Wise Shelter

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Susan wrote:

From: "FurTulsa" <>

I'm sorry and yes, it is normal. Would love to hear a medical
explanation but we generally see the "bottlebrush tail" at the
last second.


We should question the whole procedure, as is still being
practiced by some vets. Why can there not be a simple subQ
injection that will let them go to sleep peacefully and never
awaken? Why do they have to be hurt one more time before they die?

Glenn and Chuki

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