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Date: 2001-04-18 18:39:00 UTC
Subject: mystery lump on neck

My little girl Lily has a new lump on her neck. Of course I just
loaned out all of my ferret books yesterday to a co-worker who is
considering a ferret for his daughter. Now I have nothing to look
in for answers.
Lily is about 2 years old and has always been a very healthy
hyper girl. The last couple of months, though, her bouts of
hyperness have been less frequent. I attributed it to her "growing
up," but now I'm not sure that is the only difference. This lump in
about half an inch behind her ear. It is about the size of a pencil
eraser and moves with the skin. I can't see any sign of a red
mark like it's an insect bite. It is a very definite lump with no
signs of anything else abnormal.
Do her age or its location point to anything in particular? I
imagine I will have to have it removed and biopsied, but what do
you think I could be facing here? I don't want it to be cancer,
because I have a boy going through his second adrenal surgery
in 3 months and another cancer scares me. But without my
reference books, I need suggestions on what this could be.