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Date: 2001-04-19 08:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Response to on Totally

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Subj: Re: Ordering Totally Ferret

Dear Sandy:

We are very sorry to read your letter
the possible
abuse of animals and ferrets at African Northwest and your
of the Totally Ferret product line.

We always maintain a professional business relationship with
all the
and distributors, whether they support Totally Ferret or not.

During our last conversation, before Christmas, I called to
see if
you needed
anything from Performance Foods, Inc. and to listen to your
issues. I recall you mentioning another ferret diet and how
you were
with the results and therefore were feeding and supporting
them over
TF. This
was your business decision and we understood that.

Additionally, we understand your position as a business and a

Performance Foods, Inc. decision to find a mainline
distributor who
can assist
in supplying TF to the many businesses throughout our
operating area
the sole basis of our decision. The response has been
and our
retailers and customers are now calling to thank us for our
to do

Our business continues to strive for the improved quality of
life for
worldwide through proven nutritional diets and educational

Although you've made a decision to discontinue the TF product
we will
continue to recommend your shelter as a safe haven for abused


Jeff Bateman
General Manager
Performance Foods, Inc.
(303) 410-1101
(303) 410-1881 fax
PS from DR Tom Willard

Though I vigorously support and encourage free speech, it always
me when I read a post on the FML such as the one from Sandi,
above, when she elected to only present her side and not give all
the facts.
What is more disturbing, are the people who read these postings and
automatically made a decision that what they just read was accurate
and fair.

Jeff, our general manager who is also in charge of sales, response
above is
indorsed by me. As company policy, we screen all of our potential
distributors for their integrity, service and area covered. This
has served
us and the ferret community well over the years and we continue to
strive to
make our products available to as many ferrets and customers as
Totally Ferret, manufactured and distributed by Performance Foods
has always
stood for quality food, customer service and the health and well
being of all
the ferrets we feed. This has always been our goal and as long as
Jeff or I
have a breath in us, it will continue to be our endeavor. We have
along the way and maybe have not met everyone's expectations all of
the time
but we have always strived to provide the best food value on the
today. Not the cheapest but the best value. I personally want to
thank the
millions of ferrets and individuals who continue to support Totally
and us even during our shortcomings. Totally Ferret is still the
only food
developed, tested and proven to be nutritionally complete and
balanced plus
supported by research with the data presented at numerous vet
conferences and
seminars. Yet people like Sandi and a respondent named Pat, plus
anonymous people, who blindly struck out at us, had rather feed
second rate
untested cat foods which lack the protein quality and quantity, plus
vitamins and minerals for ferrets. Or they feed ferret products
that have
never been tested on ferrets which put their ferrets in nutritional
just because they do not agree with one of our business decision.
Our new distributor in the Northwest has worked with the various
shelters and
rescues for over 16 years and was quite shocked and disturbed that
would make such statements that are totally unfounded. So am I.
We hope that Sandi and any one else who feels they do not like us
for what
ever reason at least consider the ferrets health and well being and
finding some way to continue feeding the Totally Ferret. And
please, before
you switch from your current food to a new food for your ferrets,
realize you
have a responsibility to get the facts about the food. Do not
accept someone
elses inforration or irreational misinformation. If you find there
is a
better food then use it but switch because it is in fact better not
it is cheaper or you do not like the company, etc.
I sincerely do appreciate and acknowledge the many dedicated people
who run
the nations' ferret shelters and rescues and who unselfishly give of
time, money, homes and any resemblance of normal family life, for
the love,
health and well being of ferrets. We have provided tens of
thousands of
dollars in dedicated food, medication, supplies and nutritional
research over
the years and we will continue to support you with the best
nutrition, food
value and costumer service we know how to do so as long as there is
a need.
DR Tom Willard
Performance Foods, Inc.