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From: cobalt ciar
Date: 2001-04-18 19:33:00 UTC
Subject: Necropsy and ECE

Recently, in one of my classes (veterinary anatomy) we performed a
necropsy on a ferret. The animal had been euthanised, but we (as
students) were not told why--we had to figure it out ourselves. During
the necropsy, we found one of the adrenal glands was quite swollen, and
everyone was prepared to leave it there. Well, I observed some other
conditions that went unanswered, by both the other students and the

The observations were: lack of abdominal fat, and dark forest green
intestinal matter. Well, about a week later I started noticing one of
my ferrets having diarrhea and getting very, I went looking
for explanations of ECE on the net. I found Dr. Williams' site, saw the
pictures, and WHAM it hit me--the pictures of an ECE ferret insides
matches EXACTLY what I saw in my class.

So I guess the question is, how long does the ECE coronavirus remain
viable, and could I have possibly brought it home on my clothes from
this necropsy?
Also, what is the incubation period for the ECE coronavirus?

BTW, I am not surprised that my teacher did not recognise the ECE in
the necropsy, since ferrets are illegal around here...


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