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From: Tara
Date: 2001-04-19 01:17:00 UTC
Subject: Torbutrol

Would someone please explain this pain med for me?
My Ferret,Solita was given this drug after her adrenal operation.She was competely "knocked out" the day of her surgery,plus at 2 lbs was given the dosage of 0.04 ,3 times per day,if needed.During her follow/up visit the day after surgery, she was in obvious pain so my Vet,gave her the recommended dosage.Within 30 minutes she appeared "overdosed" (my observation) It took a while for me to find a heartbeat.
Obviously,if needed again,I will half the dosage.I'm wondering if her reaction was normal and what is in this medication to cause such a problem??Any info,greatly appreciated.
I would also like to Thank Sukie for her help, during this emergency,last night.She had me "sing" to her to finally get her awake and eating.Thank Gawd,my voice is as bad as my nursing skills! She woke up,immediatly put her lil paws in her ears and ate a full jar of Gerbers Chicken!
Thank you,Sukie!
Love to All....Tara