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From: Cherri
Date: 2001-04-19 02:12:00 UTC
Subject: ECE Continuation

Ok it's been about a week and 1/2 it's thursday morning about 4:10am
and I just got finished feeding Skippy. Yesterday I've noticed that
Bugsy is now not eating or drinking. I thought they were supposed to
started getting better? Skippy is sort of sustaining where she is.
Not getting better and not getter worse and I still can't get more
than 5 ml of food down her at each sitting before she starts grinding
her teeth and fighting like crazy to get away and clamping her jaws
shut so I've just had to start feeding her more often. Her stools
are a dark beige in color and seedy now but still runny. Aslo Skippy
will only drink water out of the bath tub unless I force it down her.

Bugsy on the other hand has started having projectile really runny
stools and has gone from eating really healthy to not eating or
drinking at all so I've had to start force feeding him too and let me
tell you he'll fight you every step of the way. I've added
peptobismal to his regemin but that seems to make things worse.

I'm just feeding them baby food at this early in the morning and
Skippy and Bugsy both gag and scratch after they are done.

I'm at a loss and I have no idea what to do. How long will I only
get a few hours of sleep a night and what do I do when I have to go
away for 3 1/2 days when my boyfriend can only feed them 4 times a
day next week.

Thank you all for responding to me I really appreciate it.