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Date: 2001-04-19 06:56:00 UTC
Subject: update on "the runs"

Sniper is approximately 3 1/2 years old but as he spent most his life
in and out of shelters its hard to pinpoint. He is updated on all his
shots and considered healthy from his vet aside from the bacterial
infection he had. It was diagnosed from a stool sample put under a
The "wrong things" he has gotten into are mask defogger(he stole it
while i was packing for a dive vacation, any soda he can get his paws
on, and i caught him once chewing on an eraser he stole but he didnt
seem to have ingested any of it.
The antibiotic he was on cleared it up but i still notice that his
stools seem to have "seeds" in it. He and Levelor(my other furry
about 4 yrs of age) are eating a mixture of totally ferret,iams
kitten food, eukanuba cat food and Shepard and Greene. They also get
ferretone and nutrical a couple of times a week.
For the most part, his stools have become solid but do show
the "seeds" often. Both are very active and healthy eaters and show
no other abnormal signs/behaviors.
Thanks for any help on this matter