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Date: 2001-04-19 03:11:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Euthanasia

When Jubilee was put to sleep she was put under gas for quite a bit first.
She loved it and put her head in there because it smelled really fruity. :)
She was left asleep in the gas for a bit to really make sure she was under
before the shot. Even though she was "out".. quite heavily, she got the
bottle brush thing. What surprised me... was she got it AFTER the last
breaths...not with the last breath. Here she was pretty much passed... but
had an after affect. Now that caught me off guard. I thought it would be
I have a questiong a bit on topic. When I my little girl was really
suffering fighting for breaths, and so sick before we put her to sleep... I
noticed that day, and the day before something, well... disturbing. I
noticed that.. well her fur lay flat, messed up, almost matted, and very
unnatural the day before and day of putting her to sleep. Also.... it was if
she lost all muscle tone and such. It was like she was fur, skin, and bone.
She was large and healthy... this was something that happened in four days so
she did not loose weight. Maybe it was some dehydration... but we worked
hard to not let her get very dehydrated. I hate to say this.... it's
morbid.... but it actually felt as if she was already "dead" when I held her.
Like her body had already given up. Inside I felt her suffering and
fighting like mad. Anyway.... is this normal. It killed my husband to see
her in this condition. Just killed him.


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