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From: mark
Date: 2001-04-19 12:04:00 UTC
Subject: Megaesophagus?

I am new to this list. I had a ferret ?age 2-4 yrs approx.
admitted to the shelter from the local MSPCA. The ferret was
in critical condition with severe malnutrition and
dehydration. The ferret had an exam by my vet and x-rays done
as he immediately was vomiting yellow liquid and foam . x-rays
showed full stomach and esophagus. Previous owner gives no
history other than ferret was kept in cellar and fed dog food.
Ferret vomited up undigested food for the rest of the night.
Next day he ate duck soup and we gave sq. fluids until
rehydrated. He gained 1.6 lbs. in the next 2 weeks but
continued to have hyperactive bowel sounds with occasional
vomiting. 3 weeks after admission the vomiting is more
frequent and he vomits most meds and only sometimes keeps down
a bit of food or duck soup. He has lost .5 lbs. now and his
barium x-rays showed a mild dilation of the esophagus only.
Labs are within norms except a low alk phos of 6! He starts to
eat and starts to chew (bruxism?) and then will vomit mostly
mucous and foam. His next will contract and enlarge , muscles
get real tight. My vet did not think megaesophagus but maybe
helicobacter. The meds make him more ill. Reglan did nothing.
Any ideas? Second opinion vet coming over tonight! Help! This
guy is a poor sweet neglected kid!