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Date: 2001-04-19 09:38:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Baytril

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pockwockie@w... writes:

<< I have searched the archives but cant find out if this has been
discussed. Has anyone had any side effects from a ferret being on
Baytril for a long time? I know cats and dogs have been proven to
become blind from long term use of Baytril, but was wondering about

I have a ferret on Baytril and Clavamox for 3 weeks now for an abcess on
the tail. This ferret appears to be loosing energy, he doesnt play as
long as he did before. Any ideas?

Pockwockie Crossing
Hi EZ - There is not a prescribed medication for ferrets without possible
side-effects or allergic reaction. However, I have used Clavamox and/or
Baytril for many, many (sigh) years now and have never yet had a reaction
with either of these antibiotics.

If you have treated an abcess on the tail with these antibiotics for three
weeks now and the abcess is not gone - not surprised your ferret is feeling
low. My advice would be to have the abcess surgically excised ASAP before
the infection becomes systemic! Now, I am not a vet or any "expert", but I
don't fool around with infections that lead to abcess. Surgery, then a
follow-up course of antibiotics. Best Regards, Meg Let us know how he