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Date: 2001-04-19 09:56:00 UTC
Subject: Color of Galaxy-D

Hi All - Yesterday I had a bit of an interesting experience. Mixed up a
couple of doses of Galaxy-D Distemper and noted that the color was pink.
Very definitely a lovely shade of clear pink. The vials were from a new 25
pack. From Fromm-D changed to Galaxy D, the color has always been clear. My
mind was in the process of boggling when it was suggested that I call
someone. I snapped out of it and called Schering-Plough who now makes Galaxy

I was impressed by how quickly I reached a real person and was transferred to
technicians. I was told the vaccine would vary in color from clear to pink
and it was perfectly fine and safe to use. However, if the color turned
orange - do not use.

So, Pink or clear, good. Orange, bad. Hope this information helps someone.
Cheers, Meg