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From: Jim & Laura Ferris
Date: 2001-04-19 13:24:00 UTC
Subject: Megaesophagus

Today our ferret, Panda, was diagnosed with megaesophagus.
There is very little muscle tone around the esophagus and the
food pools there instead of going into the stomach. Panda
spits up food every time he eats. Because of emails that have
run back and forth from a couple on this list (Thanks Amy and
Jim Robbin!) I was pretty sure this was what Panda had. I've
been feeding him his food in liquid form and just giving very
small amounts frequently throughout the day. The vet today
suggested stroking his throat after feeding him and he
prescribed propulsid liquid .5cc every 12 hours. Because this
is the first ferret our vet has had with this condition, I'm
coming to the list to see what your experience is and glean
anything I can from it. Thanks for any help you can give to
Thanks again,