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Date: 2001-04-19 10:51:00 UTC
Subject: ground chicken and bones

For anyone in Mass. or RI who is looking for a source of ground chicken with
bones: the Bellingham, Mass. Bread and Circus (Rt 126) sells ground chicken
backs and necks (I think that's what it is) with bones. It comes in a 2#
frozen block and is quite inexpensive. You need to ask for it at the meat
counter. One good thing about buying meat from B&C is that it comes from
animals who are supposed to be humanely treated.

My recommendation: take the meat out of the plastic bag and keep it in a
tupperware container, otherwise it's incredibly messy once it thaws. My dog
loves it, cats like it, still working on the ferrets though I think one or 2
ate some.


PS If you are interested in reading one animal communicator's message about
why farm animals are being killed right now, I would be happy to email it to
you. Don't hit reply to this message or it will go to the list; you can write
me at <farmflower@a...>