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From: Betty
Date: 2001-04-19 15:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Totally Ferret

I just wanted to say that our shelter had been trying to get Totally
Ferret to our city for over four years. After meeting Dr. Tom Willard at
the Ferrets 2000 Symposium in Toronto last year, I was even more
impressed with his overall attitude to work with us to get Totally
Ferret. I had read prior postings of bad batches of food, but what
always stood out, was his willingness firstly to admit that there was a
problem with the food, and then take into action how to satisfy
disgruntled customers. In my opinion, I have not seen this kind of
proactive approach and willingness to correct a situation in the pet
food industry prior to Dr. Willard's postings. Recently I had received
bad batches of food from another manufacturer. They were not even
willing to admit that there was a problem and so I was brushed off.
Willingness to work with your customers goes a long way to build strong
relationships and ends up with the consumer giving their loyalty to
these particular companies.

Through contact with Dr. Willard we were able to get Totally Ferret to
our vet clinics and now many ferrets are benefiting from this wonderful
food. Unfortunately, we experienced bad batches early into the
relationship, but the whole issue was dealt with very quickly and
professionally without hassle or doubt. I have the highest respect and
regard for Dr. Willard and Performance Foods, Inc. based simply on what
I have seen and experienced.

It is our shelter's responsibility to promote Totally Ferret as best we
can in order to keep the food coming directly to us, instead of having
to deal with mail order purchases which are time consuming, and often
incur much higher costs. Although we are relatively new at receiving
this product in terms of months rather than years, I have the utmost
confidence that any problems we may encounter in the future will be
dealt will in no less of a manner than what has been shown to us so far.

Thank you Dr. Willard, for your diligent efforts in the pursuit of
bringing a scientifically based, well researched and nutritionally sound
food to our most precious of family members. Shelby and I both look
forward to meeting up with you again in a future symposium and telling
you all this in person.

best regards,
Betty Janner
Director of PR and Promotions, Calgary
Alberta Ferret Society