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From: Michele Abel Focer
Date: 2001-04-19 15:46:00 UTC
Subject: Hold on to your memories

To all of you wonderful ferret lovers out there: I send my
special ferret prayers, to you and your beloved ferrets, for a
quick recovery from all their health challenges. It doesn't
seem fair that they have so many. We have had our fair share
with our 4 babies. We just lost our first girl back in
February, there was nothing we could do, but help her over the
Rainbow Bridge as gently as we could. The pain runs deep in
all of our hearts, when we have to make this kind of painful
decision.Sometimes we second guess that too.Usually,it is the
kindest last thing to do for our sweet babies. There is no
love like a ferret's love, and we often second guess our
decisions, whether to have surgery, or give certain
medications, or what food is best for them. Naturally,we want
the very best for them. Unfortunately, some things, are just
out of our reach to fix for them.Just try to accept this in
your hearts, as in the end, it truly is God's will, whatever
God you may believe in. Know in your heart that you gave your
ferret a loving home, for whatever amount of time you may have
had with them.YOU kept them warm ,and tummies full. YOU rocked
them to sleep when they were sick. YOU got up every 3 hours to
make sure they had their food,&medicine. You subscribed to
this list to learn as much as you could for them.YOU made
their life better!! Somehow, they know this.So, do something
for them EVERY DAY, kisses, snuggles, treats, tell them you
love them,play, whatever they like.This way, when they do pass
on,, you will have peace in your heart,knowing that you made
every day of their life better. Hold on to your memories of
all these special times with your friend. After they pass on,
the memories will live in your heart forever, and your
friend,will NEVER really be gone. In loving memory of Bama my
sweet girl who passed over the bridge Feb. 16, 2001