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Date: 2001-04-19 17:12:00 UTC
Subject: Dr. Williams: Question on the Splene

Hi, I have a medical question for you. I took my boy Simba into the
vet today because I felt a large lump from left to the right side on
his tummy. The vet bascally said the following (along with some of
my own facts):

1. The splene is as large as would be in a 40lb dog
2. Simba has lost ~0.5 lbs since his last check-up
3. His last check up was 5 mths ago and he was perfectly fine then.
4. He is slightly lethargic.
5. He eats, poops, and pees fine
6. He has some trouble going up the ramps.
7. He eats and drinks fine
8. His lymph nodes are not swolen right now
9. The spleen is smooth and firm

The surgery is scheduled in 2 weeks. I was told that when the splene
gets that large, there is something usually causing it. He did
mention that there was the possibility of cancer.

My question is what is the possibility of cancer being there? Is
there any other information that I need to know? He will take the
spleen out and send a piece of it for biopsy and also check the
inside of him.

Thanks, Judi