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From: Sue
Date: 2001-04-19 20:09:00 UTC
Subject: blindness in ferrets

First it was Jonesy and his surgery and almost dying on me. Now it
is his brother Fiesty. I believe he has cataracts now. White milky
film over both eyes. He is running into things. Walks the perimeter
now and the door jams will "jump out and get him". I can really
scare him badly if I don't touch him with a firm touch. Scares even
if I talk to him as I reach. Suppose this means deafness too? Is
there ANY information anyone can give me on blindness and deafness in
ferrets? Any suggestions of where I can go to read anything and
everything about this? Dr. Williams, I hear that you are doing some
research on eye "problems" in ferrets..any light you can shed on this
issue with me. I feel that Fiesty and I can handle this development
if I have the proper information, facts, and knowledge.
Thanks in advance.