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From: Tamara Stanton
Date: 2001-04-19 15:43:00 UTC
Subject: Torbutrol

Dear Tara--
I do not believe that our vet regularly prescribes
Torbutrol; However, we recently had a surgery for a
*slightly* older ferret (4 years) who had been through
adrenal surgery just nine months prior from which she
didn't bounce back it too well (didn't feel well,
didn't eat well, etc.). We were very concerned with
how she would feel after this second surgery. Our vet
prescribed for her Torbutrol, and I must say, I think
it helped significantly. She began eating and playing
much sooner after this second surgery (though perhaps
it was the non-adrenal nature of the surgery? who
knows.). We were giving her 1/4 of a 1mg. tablet
(crushed and mixed in 1 cc of water) once a day for 3
days after her surgery. Our vet did warn that it would
"knock her out," and Ginger did sleep well, that's for
sure. But she also woke up well (indicating to me that
she slept well?). Also, I often (much to the dismay of
my boyfriend, who thought she needed her sleep...but
I'm a worried mom) put my hand on her in her sick cage
to make sure she was OK, and never felt that she was
not doing well. So I must say that our experience was

As an aside, we also used it after an adrenal surgery
on another ferret (just for 2 days) because he was
pretty obviously in pain and not sleeping or eating

Good luck,

>Message: 8
>Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 08:17:02 -0000
>From: "Tara" <JTRADFORD@w...>
>Subject: Torbutrol

>Would someone please explain this pain med for me?
>My Ferret,Solita was given this drug after her
>adrenal operation.She
>was competely "knocked out" the day of her
>surgery,plus at 2 lbs was
>given the dosage of 0.04 ,3 times per day,if
>needed.During her follow/up
>visit the day after surgery, she was in obvious pain
>so my Vet,gave her
>the recommended dosage.Within 30 minutes she
>appeared "overdosed" (my
>observation) It took a while for me to find a
>Obviously,if needed again,I will half the dosage.I'm
>wondering if her
>reaction was normal and what is in this medication to
>cause such a

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