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From: Mary R. Shefferman
Date: 2001-04-19 21:35:00 UTC
Subject: Knuks is gone

This morning the vet called -- Knuks was passing bloody stools and
was not very responsive. Eric and I went there and stayed with Knuks
all day. After some discussion, we decided that our vet would perform
surgery even though Knuks was not a surgical candidate. If it was
something that he could do something about, he would; if it was
something he couldn't do anything about, we'd let her go. There was a
massive tumor wrapped around her mesenteric lymph node and
intestines. There were also spots in several other places. He offered
to try to remove the tumor (more as a courtesy, I think, than because
he thought it was a good idea), but we decided that it would be best
to let her go. When she had been at the vet on April 5, the tumor
wasn't there (or was quite small) -- the vet could only feel the
thickening that had been there for some time. By this Tuesday, he
could feel a much larger mass -- this thing had obviously grown a lot
in those two weeks. We figured that we wouldn't buy her much time --
or much quality time -- even if she survived surgery. So we let her
go. We've sent the mass out for biopsy.

Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions & opinions.

--Mary & the Fuzzies