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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-04-20 01:08:00 UTC
Subject: Using Veterinarian's Names.... Recommending Veterinarians

It appears there is some confusion on the rules for the list
regarding veterinarians names. IF and only IF you are expecting a vet
on this list to evaluate a treatment.. do not mention the vet or the
clinic that prescribed the treatment by name. This allows us to
maintain professional courtesy and not put our vets in the way of
having to express an opinion of another vet. If you post that "Dr
Jones prescribed suchandsuch to treat soandso", Don't expect another
vet to pipe up and say that isn't the proper treatment. If you
post, "My vet prescribed suchandsuch for soandso" then another vet
can jump in and say, "suchandsuch isn't the proper treatment. Ask
your vet to consider whatchamacallit .5mg/kg"

vet bashing on the list, this isn't the forum for it. But if you want
to tell people that Dr Diddle is an excellent ferret vet in the
Boston area, more power to you! If you want to ask, "who is a good
ferret vet in the Boston area?" I think this is definitly the forum
to do it. To beat a dead horse.. If you have a question leave your
vets name out of it. If you are making a statement feel free to use
your vets name. Remember, if you tell us Dr Jones did cryo on bandito
and all went well, then a week later Bandito goes bad, you've already
shut a door to helpful information. I sincerely hope the purpose of
this rule is blatantly obvious to all of us!!!

Hopefully now everyone understands it is fine to recommend or request
a recommendation for a vet on this list!

Hugs everyone