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From: Connie
Date: 2001-04-20 06:32:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Hold on to your memories

Dear Michele,
My heart and prayers are with you. I have a sick
little fellow myself and I feel your pain.
God speed to little Bama and comfort to you.
--- Michele Abel Focer <ferretlady@m...>
> To all of you wonderful ferret lovers out there: I
> send my special ferret prayers, to you and your
> beloved ferrets, for a quick recovery from all their
> health challenges. It doesn't seem fair that they
> have so many. We have had our fair share with our 4
> babies. We just lost our first girl back in
> February, there was nothing we could do, but help
> her over the Rainbow Bridge as gently as we could.
> The pain runs deep in all of our hearts, when we
> have to make this kind of painful decision.Sometimes
> we second guess that too.Usually,it is the kindest
> last thing to do for our sweet babies. There is no
> love like a ferret's love, and we often second guess
> our decisions, whether to have surgery, or give
> certain medications, or what food is best for them.
> Naturally,we want the very best for them.
> Unfortunately, some things, are just out of our
> reach to fix for them.Just try to accept this in
> your hearts, as in the end, it truly is God's will,
> whatever God you may believe in. Know in your heart
> that you gave your ferret a loving home, for
> whatever amount of time you may have had with
> them.YOU kept them warm ,and tummies full. YOU
> rocked them to sleep when they were sick. YOU got up
> every 3 hours to make sure they had their
> food,&medicine. You subscribed to this list to learn
> as much as you could for them.YOU made their life
> better!! Somehow, they know this.So, do something
> for them EVERY DAY, kisses, snuggles, treats, tell
> them you love them,play, whatever they like.This
> way, when they do pass on,, you will have peace in
> your heart,knowing that you made every day of their
> life better. Hold on to your memories of all these
> special times with your friend. After they pass on,
> the memories will live in your heart forever, and
> your friend,will NEVER really be gone. In loving
> memory of Bama my sweet girl who passed over the
> bridge Feb. 16, 2001

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