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From: Regina Harrison
Date: 2001-04-20 07:35:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Euthanasia

From: wolfysluv@a...

>I hate to say this.... it's morbid.... but it actually felt as if she >was
>already "dead" when I held her. Like her body had already given >up.
>Inside I felt her suffering and fighting like mad. Anyway.... >is this
>normal. It killed my husband to see her in this condition. >Just killed

Those words resonnated with me-- the morning of Cully's passing, when I went
to give him his morning pred, it felt the same way. His systems were still
functioning, but it felt like he had already let go. He also had spiraled
downward quickly; I was able to get him to eat Hill's A/D the day before,
but that morning he wasn't interested even in linatone. It sounds odd, but
I really believe he was just hanging in until I knew he was going, so that
we could say goodbye. The body had shut down and the spirit lingered on,
pretty much; it didn't feel like fighting so much as as it felt like an act
of letting go. When we got to the vet's, his body temp was ten degrees
below normal, and I don't think he was really aware of his surroundings. We
did go with euthanasia, although he probably would have passed on soon
anyway-- at least that way, it was painless, and I was able to hold him. He
actually didn't have enough blood pressure to stick a vein for the iv
method-- he did get a shot in the abdomen, not a heart stick, I'm not sure
what it was but it took less than ten minutes, and it really was quiet and
peaceful. He didn't bottle brush, but he did have little twitches after he
was gone. I kind of thought of it as his sloughing off the pain and illness
and leaving it behind; I'm not a bridge-y person but I do think I carry him
with me.


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