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Date: 2001-04-20 05:45:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bob C: Playing the "Stump The Experts Game", or, Lookee
at Bear's >Foot!

Hi Bob,

I was unable to see the photo because I am on digest. I am VERY interested
in seeing it however. I too have a ferret with a strange foot problem. You
are the only other ferret person I have heard describe anything even similar
to hers! Please eMail me that photo!!

My ferret, Cricket, has been through a variety of diagnostics and
antibiotics, antifungals, etc. with no long-term improvements. Her nailbeds
have turned black (it can be flicked off, but returns immediately) and many
of the nails have completely changed in nature - they are no longer hard and
clear. They grow yellow and are very soft. If I trim them, she bleeds -
even though there does not appear to be a vein running through the area that
is removed - obviously the vein is there, but the nails are thick, soft, and
yellow so you can't see the vein. The paw is usually swollen and red. There
does not seem to be pain involved, but it looks hideous.

It has become a bigger problem, because after about 2 years and 4 - 5 vets in
2 different states, it has "spread" from one paw to two and I see some
evidence that it might be moving on to another. It is obviously not
contagious as she shares her cage with 7 others.

If anyone can offer any help with this, I'd be most appreciative.

Thank you,