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From: Hey Hey Hey
Date: 2001-04-20 12:07:00 UTC
Subject: EE and the Rinkydink Saga (eosiniphillic gastro entreitis)

Hey All,

Am not posting this for answers, just to have something in the archives in
case it is needed as there is not too much info on this disease and its
treatment. Moderator's if the subject line needs to be changed, please feel
free to do so.

Recently Rinkydink had another set back and started throwing up everything
she ate. Urgency in poops were back, mucos and blood in stool, the whole
nine yards. I mistakenly thought she had become allergic to the new kibble
Prescription ZD Feline Diet and took her off of it. She was then eating
pure chicken baby food and got worse.

Took her to a local vet where she got fluids, an anti nausea injeciton and a
dex shot. I then switched her food over to limited ingredient duck and
peas. She made a complete turnaround. We went to her regular vet the next
day where we determined it was the chicken she was allergic to now. We now
have a bridge in place to carry us over in case she gets allergic again.

The bridge consists of a dex shot, and pepsid shot 10mg/ml .04ml plus more
of the duck and pea food to be used as a bridge until new food is found (too
low in protien to be permanent food). I have all of this stuff at home.
All of the shots are under the skin and not intra muscular.

I hope this info helps someone as this disease has been very very
frustrating to deal with.