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From: katharine
Date: 2001-04-20 13:00:00 UTC
Subject: Itchy Ferrets

Lily used to come flying out of a dead sleep to scratch. It
would startle
me when she did it. Some ferrets are just itchier than
others. In
addition to the suggestions others have made, when washing
their bedding,
I use only detergents with no perfumes or dyes (several
companies manufacture
these now), no fabric softener, no dryer sheets. I only use
a touch of bleach if
necessary, usually none at all.

And, don't bathe them very often. Mine are bathed twice a
year, if that.
As long as their bedding is kept clean (I routinely strip
their cages down
and wash everything every other week), they rarely need to
be bathed,
unless they get into something terribly messy.