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From: Kris
Date: 2001-02-19 02:49:00 UTC
Subject: Introduction

I would like to introduce myself to this group. My name is Kris and I
have 3 ferrets, Mousie, Sable~3 yrs old, Lau Sue, Silver~3 yrs old &
Nushi,~Blaze, 3 months old. I have had ferrets for 3 years now, I
consider myself still a "newbie". I am interested with this group
mainley to learn, learn, learn, so therefore I will not be posting
much, as I don't have any professional input to give. I am very
excited with the information I will be getting from this group, and
hope it will be helpful so I can provide the best life I can for
my "kids".
I also have 3 cats, 4 Cocatiels, and a "part time" Lab/Retriever mix,
(3 fish tanks also). I have pets all my life, and consider myself a
MAJOR animal lover, and enjoy learning something new every day.
Some of the other egroups I belong to are FOB, Rescue 911, Special
Shelter Ferrets, Ferret Kingdom, and Ferret Support.
Kris & the Kids