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From: dori garro
Date: 2001-04-20 20:38:00 UTC
Subject: baytril and pets

i am new to the list; have heard from a doctor on this
list while on another list and thought i'd check this
out for a bit; maybe learn a few things (which i have
already done in the first few days on).
just my two cents on the baytril question:

i do not know the answer to the use of baytril
resulting in blindness in ferrets, but i feel that the
concern with baytril resulting in blindness in dogs is
unnecessary. it is known that using high doses in
cats can, in very few cases, result in blindness, but
no case has been established with lower dosing (as far
as we have been told).
there has been no issue as far as anyone i practice
with is aware that has resulted in a dog going blind
from the use of baytril. a few months ago a client
had brought this up to a doctor at the practice (she
had read the information on a dog list of some sort);
he called the manufacturers and they are unaware of
any problems; we have not had any problems in either
species since the drug has been available.

i realize that this doesn't help the ferret owners,
but for those of you with dogs and cats, don't shudder
at the thought of using this drug when prescribed as
suggested by the company.

i'd be interested in knowing where the individual that
wrote the initial question found the information that
baytril can cause blindness in dogs.

rob d.v.m.

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