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Date: 2001-04-20 21:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: unexplained hind end paralysis

Just a little more and an update. Tonight He is not walking at all.
I have had a reccomendation to put him on a heating pad under his
small one level hospital cage. We are taking him to another vet on
Monday. I am the one who has the ferret and if ANYONE has ANY idea
at all what this could be PLEASE PLEASE help me out. Also I was told
that I could use Children's Benadryl for the inflammation. How much
and is this reccommended. He is NOT on any type of steroid or
inflammatory medication. That was just a misunderstanding. You can
either email Karen(the one that posted in the first place) or you can
email me at the email below. Thank you for you help and advice in

Linda and the furry ones
ICQ# 81643954

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Hey Hey Hey" <squeaky@n...> wrote:
> Hey All,
> Got a little male rescue in on April 6th. He had been dropped off
in the
> parking lot of Auto Zone. When he was picked up he was depressed,
> and had a bite mark on his neck/shoulder area and some kind of skid
mark on
> the top of his head.
> Bully-Vard was taken to the next available vet appointment on April
12 where
> he received a rabies shot. It was discovered at the vet
appointment that
> Bully-Vard walks with a higher than normal arch to his back and
that he is
> bow legged. Other than shelter depression Bully-Vard appeared to
be fine
> and checked out fine at the vets.
> On April 17 Bully-Vard started to favor his right rear leg. By the
> of the 18 he would hardly use it at all and kept it tucked up
underneath his
> body. He lost much of his appetite and showed some signs of
panting. He
> was taken to an emergency clinic that nite where they could find
> wrong on exam. They did not take exrays as Bully-Vard had an
> with his regular vet the next day.
> On the 19th Bully-Vard was taken to the shelter vet and 4 xrays
were taken.
> They showed nothing abnormal except for a small space inbetween two
of his
> vertabrae which the vet did not consider signifigant. Blood work
was not
> done as the vet did not think it would show him anything. The vet
> it is neurological in origin and put Bully-Vard on bed rest (in a
small cage
> with no out time) and anti- inflamatories for the next 3 weeks.
> At this point Bully-Vard is no longer using his hind end at all and
> dragging it when he moves. His appetite is back and his poops are
> He is understandably lethargic.
> Anyone have a clue as to what may be going on or what else can be
done for
> him?
> HappyTails,
> Karen
> scruffu@d...
> where ferrets learn to dance again