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From: katharine
Date: 2001-04-21 05:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Champ Again

Dr. Williams wrote:
<Regarding the effectiveness of EpoA in ferrets
with chronic renal
failure, I must say that it has not worked a lot
of times. I am
hoping that Champ is a case in which it works

Is this the Epogen? I'm assuming so. What
alternative treatment is
there? I believe Dr. Weiss said previously that
he uses this drug. Is
there another one which is better?

<In the natural progression of chronic renal
failure, the next sign
would likely be one of the following - elevated
BUN, elevated
creatinine, or elevated phosphorus (or a
combination of the same.)<

Was at the vet yesterday and asked these same
questions. Doc said
he should "pink" back up in another week or so.
He's due to go back
for another blood test in about three weeks. He
also said to expect
the elevated phosphorous next. Then he'll get
another drug for that.
As for the BUN and creatinin, he didn't mention
those. Now I'm
confused as to whether they were high or low at
the initial diagnosis.
He said that he hasn't seen too many ferrets go
through all the stages
of renal failure because so many owners are not
able (or willing) to see
it through (financially, emotionally, whatever).

Guess we'll take it one day at the time.