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Date: 2001-02-26 14:43:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Who should test for ADV? (formerly Go to the Polls)

As a shelter in an ADV area, I'd advise ferret owners to test for ADV
if there is any question of their ferret(s) origin or possibilities
of contacts with other unknown ferrets prior to their acquisition of
the ferret.

For example, if we receive a ferret from a Dallas/Ft. Worth animal
control department that was found roaming the streets, we quarrantine
that ferret and test. If however, that ferret was surrendered by
someone who'd had the ferret since kithood, with a known non-
commercial breeder (the clearing house potential transmission point),
never attended ferret gatherings or came in contact with other
ferrets, we would not test that ferret for ADV.

I'd have to say, if you don't know where your ferret has been, it
wouldn't hurt to test... especially if you are in or near an area
where ADV has been reported.

Debi Christy
Ferrets First Foster Home