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From: Cherri
Date: 2001-04-21 10:47:00 UTC
Subject: Skippy and Bugsy Vet visit

Well I just got back from a vet that knows a lot about ferrets and it
was interesting to say the least. As I was going over their
histories and he asked me how long Skippy has had insulinoma I told
him a little over a year he looked at me and said why hasn't she had
surgery yet and when I told him because I couldn't come up with the
$1000 he looked at me in amazement and said wow do you want to know
how much I charge. He said $220 I said when can we do it. Her blood
sugar was at 41 which was better than the 31 it was the week before.
He said it's amazing that she's still alive after a year. I told him
that when she eats she eats like a pig and it's like she doesn't even
have the symptoms.

Skippy goes in for surgery Monday.

He gave me some medication and we talked about some things and all in
all I feel much better about the situation and hopefully we can get
them on the road to recovery. I just wish I would have gone to this
vet in the first place.

I want to thank everyone for helping me through this. It has been a blessing.