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Date: 2001-04-21 08:44:00 UTC
Subject: asthamatic ferret?

Hello folks:

My 6 year old boy Odo has had this condition all of his life, though
his brother Quark has not. For lack of a better term, it sounds like
he has asthma. He gets into these really short quick breath fits
every great once in a while (and I mean, it can be months before he
has an attack). I don't know what to do during them except hold him
on my shoulder so his breathing system is extended (sorry, i can't
find the right words). this seems to stop the sneezing, but then it
will just start right back up after I've set him down. It's very
possible this is just a reaction to the tumble weeds (ala cat fur)
that blows around the house, but none of the other 4 ferrets have it.
Any assistance would be appreciated.


becki kain