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From: K. Crassi
Date: 2001-04-21 11:32:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Tumor? in ear, shrinking spleen, vet leaving!

> From: "Bruce Williams, DVM" <williams@e...>
>Without a photo, it is diffiult to tell exactly what the problem is.
>Cystic ear wax (ceruminous) glands can look like little black dots,
>but they generally don't cause any major problems. A true neoplasm
>of the cerumonous glands looks like a growth, and wil occlude the ear
>canal. Anothe possibility are dilated blood vessels (which might
>explain the bleeding) or a small benign vascular tumor.
>I would be interested in hearing what the slide looks like.

Dr. Wade called me this afternoon. She said (while admitting she's not a
pathologist), that the cells look glandular in origin, and also look
cancerous. Multinucleated, dividing, and otherwise weird-looking. There
are no mast cells, and few or no bacteria (a couple of weeks ago there were
lots of bugs, so the Tresaderm has helped). She thinks it's probably an
adenocarcinoma of an ear wax gland.

The black dots themselves look fine. They aren't doing anything besides
sitting there, and they are in the outer folds of the ear. The tumor is
down right next to or over the eardrum. She thinks he might not be able to
hear much on that side. So we're just going to watch it for now, and try
the steroid drops and see what happens. Is there anything else that could
be done? Has something like this ever been removed successfully?

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