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From: mike davis
Date: 2001-04-21 17:19:00 UTC
Subject: ferret with bald spot

hi. we have one ferret at home who is almost 2 years
old and in great health. my boss is giving me her
ferret who is about 4 years old. he has a bald spot
on his back right side. she says she thinks it is
from stress. i don't think she has ever had a vet
look at him for this problem. i wanted to make sure
it wasn't something catchy that our other ferret would
get-after looking around on the internet it looks like
it might be the adrenal thing. he has thin hair all
over his body too. that could be the way he always
has been. what should i do-take him to the vet to be
checked or could this really be just from stress. i
don't have him yet but will get him in 2 days. is
there any other symptoms to look for?? please
thanks, teresa

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