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Date: 2001-04-21 17:59:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Perforated Intestine

> Generally , if there are feces in the abdomen, the prognosis is
> very poor - at best you have a severe septic process with a mixed
> bacterial population. One thing that I have some trouble with is
> the fact that we have a perforation and feces in the abdomen, but
> the bloodwork did not show any elevation in WBCs?

Dr Williams,

I hope this is enough information about the results of his blood work.

HCT = 43.4 %
HGB = 14.8 g/dl
MCHC = 34.1 g/dl
WBC # 4.5 x10-9/L

Another thing I should have mentioned is both visits the doctor used
a probe to scoop out a stool sample. He reached in as far as he could
and got nothing but a small amount of what I call mucus and he called
I believe "fluffing or sluffing matter?" not green in color either,
to test for bacteria. Testing results were negative. I feel by this
information that the perforation had not occurred yet or was vert
tiny. And yes, I know I could very well be wrong in my assumption.

>It is always a difficult issue to determine when surgery is
>appropriate. I tend to agree with you - if there is a question,
>then you go in preferably earlier than later. I would rather rule
>out the possibility of a blockage by surgery and come up with
>nothing, than wait until a ferret is a worse surgical candidate.

Thank you for for agreeing with me on this point.