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Date: 2001-04-21 20:56:00 UTC
Subject: Shira's pyometra

Shira has now been on Baytril and Clavamox for 14 days. Her
pseudopregnancy ended 5 days ago (it lasted almost exactly 42 days),
and she is now returning to estrus.
Until the pseudopregnancy ended she didn't have so much discharge.
The small amounts that came out was white/greenish. When the pseudo
ended the discharge suddenly increased and became brown in colour.
It was as if the cervix had opened much more and allowed better
drainage of the infection.
The discharge I have noted so far today is much lighter in colour and
not as thick. But I still see occasional brown stuff coming out, and
the left uterine horn is clearly enlarged. Shira is fairly active
though, and eating and drinking normally.
I'm not sure what to do now. I'm a bit concerned with her being back
in estrus so soon. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, she was
in some sort of half-estrus for two months before she could be bred,
and it took almost 40 days during the pseudo for the vulva to go back
to normal size. What will happen if she's bred again now? Is it
possible she could become pregnant with the infection still going on?
What if she enters another pseudopregnancy, elevated progesterone
levels isn't good right? More estrogen at this point can't be good
either so I want her out of estrous as soon as possible.
Is prostaglandin still an option? I'm very worried about the side-
effects. What would happen to Shira if my vet injected prostaglandin
now? Can this be done while Shira is in estrus? Doesn't the
prostaglandin have a strong luteolytic effect, how would that work on
Shira? From what I understand there are two possible drugs, dinoprost
and cloprostenol. Which one would be best for ferrets, and what are
the dosages?
Or is it better to breed her now? I have another vet appointment on
Tuesday and will discuss all these things then, but since my vet
isn't very ferret knowledgeable I thought I should be prepared.