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From: Rosalie Yudelson
Date: 2001-04-22 11:27:00 UTC
Subject: Powder

Hello Friends, Last week I posted about a little albino girl that my husband
rescued. We named her Powder, and she is a sweet, lovely little girl. Powder
was kept in pretty nasty conditions. She lived in a dirty 10 gallon aquarium
that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in months! She has very little
muscle tone b/c she wasn't let out- her nails were about 1/2" long and her
little ears were full of crud. Despite this, Powder is still a sweetheart( I
doubt I'd be!) She now lives with my other kids in a 6' multilevel cage.
Powder doesn't know that there is more than one level and poops a few feet
from where she's lounging. She usually stays where I put her down. She
doesn't seem to be able to find the food, unless I place her on the levels
that the food is kept. Most on the time she just hangs out on the lowest
level and looks anxious. She's been w/ us about a week and is healthy
otherwise. My husband suggested putting her at the top level and let her
navigate her way down... I don't know if I agree w/ this b/c her muscle tone
is so slack from lack of activity. I think she will be traumatized or hurt
by this, and we should just let her become stronger with time. I think by
watching her cagemates, she'll figure out how to "act ferrety". I know that
there are so many of you, like Sukie, Mike, Alicia (just to name a few)
that have rescue experience-Can any of you suggest anything???? By the way,
when she was introduced to my existing clan they seemed to have taken her
very nicely, that is why she's in the cage with them. Usually in the past,
my new additions have waited a few more weeks. SORRY FOR THE NOVELLA,


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