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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-04-22 10:40:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Colitis, Enteritis,

<wHat I want to know is if juvenile lymphosarcoma, enteritis, and
< contageous? What causes them? Are they born with them? (Doyle the third
<baby seems healthy but is having blood work just in case
<when Spike goes back)? I also want to know if the chloramphenical and
<Ivermectin are harmful for Spike if he doesn't have either of these
<diseases? He
<really seems his normal, crazy self except for the diarrhea.

<Thank you,

I think if you search the archives there was a response to this question
1 or 2 days ago? Or at least a very similar story to yours.
There also was a discussion about proliferative colitis (pc) a few times
since the list started. Just in case no one else gives you an answer you
can try the archives.
As far as I know juvenile lymphosarcoma may or may not have a viral
trigger, but it and PC are not contagious per se. Enteritis- depending
on the cause may come from an infection, but if you are talking about
eosinophilic enteritis, the cause is unknown. Maybe parasitic infection
(that is why ivermectin is tried), maybe food allergies, maybe other
causes. I believe the only way to know for sure if it is PC or EE is to
do a biopsy. I guess for now go with the treatments, and if they don't
help then you may want to consider a definitive diagnosis.
In fact, a lot of the diseases in humans or animals the cause is not
clear. There is probably some genetic predisposition to some, and then
an environmental trigger may be needed to cause the disease.
I don't think the Ivermectin will hurt, I believe it is just one shot.
The chloramphenical (antibiotic) can cause problems in human children in
large doses, or prolonged use. I am not sure about ferrets.

Please let us know how they are doing, also for Spike you may have to
adjust the diet- what are feeding him now?

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