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From: James Higgins
Date: 2001-04-23 07:23:00 UTC
Subject: RC tumor

Test results returned today showing that RC has:
"Adenocarcinoma likely to be of mammary gland (modified
apocrine gland) origin. Neoplastic cells had a low to moderate
rate. The prognosis is guarded, and close observation for
regional and distant metastasis is warrented."
This is exactly what the report states and our vet has said
that basically all we can do is keep him happy and let him go
when the time is right for him. He was doing so well, the
tumor has shrunk some and is not draining near as bad as
first. It is av ery sad day for me, I was so hopeful that he
could have made it. JD and the Ferret Patrol.