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Date: 2001-04-23 07:51:00 UTC
Subject: Re: RC tumor

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> > Test results returned today showing that RC has:
> > "Adenocarcinoma likely to be of mammary gland (modified apocrine
> gland) origin. Neoplastic cells had a low to moderate rate. The
> prognosis is guarded, and close observation for regional and
> metastasis is warrented."
> > This is exactly what the report states and our vet has said that
> basically all we can do is keep him happy and let him go when the
> time is right for him. He was doing so well, the tumor has shrunk
> some and is not draining near as bad as first. It is av ery sad day
> for me, I was so hopeful that he could have made it. JD and the
> Ferret Patrol.
> Dear James:
> Actually, being a male the cahance of this being a mammary gland is
> fairly minimal. However, the scent glands of the prepuce are
> apocrine glands, and this is the overwhelmingly most likely
> (has been since I saw the gross photos.)
> At this point, being an aprocine gland tumor, the chance of
> metastasis internally is pretty high, so iven if you could remove
> large preputial tumor, chances are that he would still succumb to
> same tumor (albeit inside the abdomen.)
> Hang in there, and try to make his remaining time as pleasant as
> possible. Should the opportunity present itself at euthanansia
> a necropsy would prove helpful and add markedly to the medical
> literature. If your vet could take tissues, I would proide the
> analysis at no charge.
> With kindest regards,
> Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP
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I would be more than happy to have the necropsy performed when the
time comes. All I need to know is where to have the tissue sent at
this time. Thank you for offer and when the time comes I will take
you up on it. JD and the Ferret Patrol