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Date: 2001-04-23 13:46:00 UTC
Subject: Eye infection???

My 2 1/2 yr old boy suddenly developed an eye problem this past
Saturday night. I was feeding and petting him around 2:00pm that day
and everything was fine. By 8:00pm I noticed his right eye was
watering and something in the corner of his eye was swelling. I found
out today from our vet that this is what is called the "third
eyelid". I thought maybe it had gotten irritated from something and
waited until Sunday morning to check it out again. We had him out in
the house playing for a couple of hours and he seems perfect, only
the eye was a bit more swelled. I called our vet first thing this
morning and brought him in as it looked a bit worse and the rims of
his eyelids were a little red.

He checked for any scratches on the eye with a dye test and there was
nothing there. Since he is perfect otherwise and he doesn't even
really seem to notice the watering, swelling or the "third eyelid"
thing about a quarter of the way across his eye, the vet gave him
some drops and a shot. The shot was an anti-inflammatory and the
drops are Gentocin Durafilm (gentamicin sulfate). He told me to watch
it for the next couple of days and if it gets any worse or even stays
the same, I'll need to bring him back.

I had read that while fairly uncommon, ferrets do sometimes get eye
infections, just like people. Does this sound like that? Would it be
possible that a bug or something may have bitten him? Earlier on
Saturday I brought him outside for about 2 minutes to say hello to a
neighbor and I held him the whole time and didn't see anything near
him. I really don't think this is bothering him at all, but I just
feel so bad for him. Like the vet said, "it looks like he out was
partying all night". If anyone has any input, it would be most
appreciated. Thanks in advance.