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From: Cherri
Date: 2001-04-23 22:29:00 UTC
Subject: Skippy ECE and Surgery

I know a lot of you warned me about getting Skippy's insulinoma
sugery done while she has ECE but I was having major trouble trying
to get her blood sugar to stay over 41 and keeping her from going
into shock. The doctor suggested we do the surgery now. She came
through it great and he said that for having insulinoma for a year
she only had 4 nodules. 3 small and one very large. I think it will
be a lot easier getting them through the ECE now and I'll be able to
get some sleep instead of getting up every two to three hours at

Bugsy is eating again. It's purina cat chow but he's eating. For
some reason both of my kids when they stop eating they won't eat
anything but purina cat chow when they start again. Then I have wean
them back into their food.

The medicine that the vet gave me seems to be doing some good and I
have been also giving them acidopholis.

My advice for everyone out there is if you have a vet that charges
you an obscene amount of money for this surgery please find another
vet. I wish I would have researched earlier and got her surgery done
a year ago.