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From: Linda
Date: 2001-04-24 00:12:00 UTC
Subject: ferrets and newborns

Hi& Sorry I havent posted yet. I have just been so busy that
I barely had time to keep up with the posts.

I have a question& I just found out that I am expecting my
first child. I have very jealous ferrets, Tyler & Tangles, and
I am worried about them and the baby. Plus about me having
enough time for them. I know they are jealous animals cause
when I got a cat they learned to play with her then all of a
sudden they were attacking her and clamping down on her neck.
She is a very laid back kitty so she never attacked them or
even fought back. I now have to put the cat in our bedroom
when the ferrets are out playing. I am worried that they will
go after the baby when he/she is born, out of jealousy. Anyone
know about how ferrets are with babies and children? I am
wondering if I should adopt them out before the baby is born.
I dont want to give them up but I also dont want them
possibly biting my new baby when he/she is born. (I am due
Dec. 10th).

Thank you.