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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-04-24 00:34:00 UTC
Subject: Need a dentist?

My 10 month old gib has yellow teeth. It isn't tartar or that there
is a yellow substance on the teeth.. his teeth themselves are yellow.
The sprite he came into the shelter with has the same thing to a much
lesser degree. at 10 months these are the teeth they are going to
have for the rest of their lives right? Should I worry. The kits
still have baby teeth but Angel has really white pretty teeth. At
what age do permanant teeth come in on ferts?

The new girl I adopted from the shelter has chips missing from both
canines. Just the absolute very most tip of both. My guess it's too
much cage time and chewing on the bars to get out. One has to look
carefully to notice and they don't interefere with her eating or
affect her jaw alignment.. any concern here?

My kids have nyla bones and rawhides to chew and are on TF not to
mention dog biscuits all for reducing tartar and keeping their teeth
as healthy as possible. I'll point out the teeth on our next routine
vet visit, but I wondered if it was an indication of something I
should or shouldn't be doing.